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Come Discover Our Two Separate Locations by Broken Bow Lake!

Exclusive outdoor adventures in Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Rugaru Adventures offers the most exciting and exclusive outdoor zipline and Swincar adventures in Broken Bow, OK. Invite your friends and family to experience the outdoors with exciting year-round adventures!!

Feel the rush with a guided zipline tour!

Our certified and trained guides will take you on a zipline adventure tour of 6 lines totaling over a half mile while enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

Zipline Location
2658 Stevens Gap Road
Broken Bow, OK 74728

Drive a Swincar in a 1-hour guided tour!

Experience off-roading in an all-electric ATV. Our professionally guided Swincar tours offer an unforgettable experience as you drive over hills and through the woods of Broken Bow, OK.

Swincar Location
4353 OK-259A
Broken Bow, OK 74728

The YAYs Have it!

Ruguru Adventures is rated excellent by over a thousand online reviews.

  • Jamie Whitfield HundleyJamie Whitfield Hundley

    We had a fabulous time with Trenyce & Alaska last week. I think anyone of any skill level would thoroughly enjoy this zip line!

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  • Denise Summerlin ChickDenise Summerlin Chick

    Ash and T were our guides today. We had a great time! We highly recommended this excursion.

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  • Ricardo LuisRicardo Luis

    Great experience! Worth the price and the 2 ladies that helped us were super nice, i dont remember their names but they are in the videos!

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  • Peggy JohnniePeggy Johnnie

    The Zip line was wondering but the girl taking the picture said her phone messed up only when she took our pictures. So I recommend bring your phone take your pictures and don’t depend on them to do it for you.

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  • H3llR4z0rH3llR4z0r

    We went on 2 separate days, mainly because of weather, and we were not disappointed! Day 1 we definitely had the better zip guide. She was bubbly, happy, and seemed thrilled to be there. On day 2, our guide definitely wanted to be somewhere else, but I will say she didn't slack at her job at all, and was still fun to be around. Overall, we had a great experience. I encourage everyone to do this while they're in the area! So much fun!

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  • Phil AdellPhil Adell

    Fun set of zip lines near the lake, with one going over the lake. These guys have an auto braking setup on each one that takes that out of your hands - I had not seen that on other zip lines I have been on, so it took a little getting used to.

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